Bald Eagle by Richard Sloan


Each limited-edition print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.

A large blackish eagle with white head and tail and heavy yellow bill. Young birds lack the white head and tail, and resemble adult Golden Eagles, but are variably marked with white and have a black, more massive bill. Bald Eagles are fish eaters, like Ospreys. When they pursue their prey, they rarely enter the water as an Osprey does, but instead snatch the fish from the surface with their talons. Where Ospreys are common, the eagles obtain much of their food by stealing it from the smaller “fish hawk.”

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Title: Bald Eagle

Plate: No. VII
Year: 1993

Size: 17″ wide x 21.75″ tall

Process: Four Color Lithograph on Archival Paper

Condition: New


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