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Rough-legged Hawk by Richard Sloan


Each limited-edition print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.

This large hawk often hovers above its prey like a kestrel. Lemmings, other rodents, and birds are its main sources of food during the breeding season. The number of eggs laid by the Rough-leg, like the Snowy Owl, depends on the food supply, with larger clutches occurring in years when lemmings are abundant. At a distance this hawk can be identified by its habit of hovering and by the way it perches: balancing precariously on the slenderest twigs at the top of a tree. On the wintering grounds, where it takes larger rodents and upland birds, it can be strikingly tame, probably because it encounters few humans in the Far North.

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Title: Rough-legged Hawk

Plate: No. XXII
Year: 1993

Size: 17″ wide x 21.75″ tall

Process: Four Color Lithograph on Archival Paper

Condition: New


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