White-Tailed Kite by Richard Sloan


Each limited-edition print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.

The tame, elegant White-tailed Kite was formerly shot in large numbers by farmers who thought it threatened their chickens, although the birds feed almost entirely on insects and a few small rodents. The North American population was reduced to a pitiful remnant, and it was feared that the species might become extinct here. White-tailed Kites have since made a spectacular comeback in California and Texas and are now common in suitable lowland habitats. Like other kites, they are sociable outside the breeding season, congregating at roosts in groups of a dozen or more. They feed mainly on small rodents and insects, which they locate by hovering kestrel-like high in the air. These kites prefer to rest on treetops or other high lookouts.

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Title: White-Tailed Kite

Plate: No. V
Year: 1993

Size: 17″ wide x 21.75″ tall

Process: Four Color Lithograph on Archival Paper

Condition: New


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